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New updates and events are coming soon!


We are very enthusistic about this new opportunity to meet you, see you at the V Shoulder Expert Forum in Valencia!

NCS Lab is taking part to this international event for which Doc. P.Baudi and Dr. Ruiz Iban will perform 2 live surgery with our Compasso and the implant Elite-SPK, on Friday 22nd of April.

The live surgeries will be shown in video live streamin for Latino America, this is going to be a good chance for distributors, surgeon and all the ones that are intersted in our products in that area.

Info and reservation This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

21-22 April 2016, Valencia, Spain



We are very enthusistic about this new opportunity to meet you, see you at the V Shoulder Expert Forum in Valencia!

NCS Lab is taking part to this international event for which Doc. P.Baudi will perform a live surgery.

This is going to be a good chance to meet distributors, surgeon and all the ones that support us and appreciate our products.

Info and reservation This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


02-04 June 2016


NiceShoulder2016 logo

In the "Nice Shoulder Course", form 2nd to the 4th of June 2016 the program includes lectures, panel discussions, a session of live surgery and workshops.

Come and visit us at the booth #12.


WED. 02 h. 12.30 PM


The title of his tribute is “Revisions in RCR, a new approach” and is going to be a speech about science and biomechanics where through an evaluation of the biomechanic of a transosseous anchor repair will be considered the option of a new approach to revision for rotator cuff repair.

THUR. 03 h. 01.00 PM


In “Transosseous: the new old frontier” Alessandro Castagna will face clinical and biological aspects of the transosseous approach in RCR. Old techniques, revisited with new technologies and new materials can provide incredible solutions for the future.

FRI. 04 h. 12.00 PM




Take a break, relax and test your swing with S-How motion: the wearable movement evaluation system that allows to track motion and muscles at the same time, provides immediate visual feedback and generates clinical scores.

FRI. 04 h. 03.00 PM



We have a big surprise for you this year: come to our booth #1484, register and have the chance to win a Zephirus!

Zephirus is a design masterpiece and passive speaker for iPhone. It is ecologic, battery and cable free and suitable everywhere.

This happening is reserved to MDs only.



nCycleThe electric bike nCycle will be displayed at our booth for all the duration of AAOS. Come and see it for the first time in the USA! 


NCS Lab will be at "Spalla Milano", in Milan, 11 to 13 February 2016 in the Centro Congressi Humanitas IRCCS in Rozzano.

We will be very pleased to meet you there, in this international event featured by SICSeG and all the major Trauma and Orthopedic Societies for shoulder and elbow surgery.

In our booth 14 we will give the chance to test our implants and instruments: Mutifix, Elite-SPK, SHARC-FT, Taylor Stitcher, Compass and GE-Transfer during live surgery, dry lab, with the support and assitance of our specialists.

Thursday 11th Feb. 


Moderators / Chairs: E. Gervasi (Udine), M. Saccomanno (Roma)

9.00 Transosseous Taylor rotator cuff repair A. Castagna (Rozzano)

09.00 Transosseous hardware free rotator cuff repair P. Randelli (San Donato Milanese)

Download the scientific program here. 


shoulder course berlin

NCS desire to thank Dr Scheibel for the possibility of being part of the Berlin congress organized by him. The diffusion of the transosseous technique, continuously developed  and improved by NCS, can become a fact through these training and sharing events.

We therefore kindly ask you to join us in the this wonderful event for an in depth in the more recent progresses  and for a sharing of the mutual experiences. We are also pleased to remark the presentation of Dr Castagna showing the astonishing classical transosseous technique by the Taylor Stitcher.

28-29 January 2016


04 Implant Service adv 180x115 NOV jan2016

Implant Service is the distributor of the devices NCS Lab Medical Devices Factory for Netherland.

For the first time the device for shoulder arthroscopy Sharc-FT®, the instruments for create transosseous tunnels Taylor Stitcher® e Compasso® and Mutifix®, and the new device for the treatment of fractures of the hand will be available to the public of this international event of great quality as the NOV 2016 is. 

The Netherland Orthopedic Association that sponsors the event, has developed an ambitious context, modern and professional in which the organization is centered on orthopedic care, with ambitious goals for the future.


On December 11th a successful cadaver lab was held in Alicate with NCS Lab pioneering transosseous technology for rotator cuff repair. NCS lab thanks Future Implants and the Sala's family for the impeccable organization and for the valuable support provided.

A special thank to Dr Ruiz Iban who mastered the scientific session of the event spanning from a theoretical intro to a cadaveric practice, through a drylab. This novel and unique technique has proven to have a great potential and education is the fundamental base for managing it properly and effectively, by exploiting the numerous advantages of this approach.

We thank all the speakers and attendee for sharing their experience and participating at this event with us making it successful; we’d like to continue working with all of you with the aim to build together the future of rotator cuff repair.

The novel and innovative transosseous approach Sharc-FT  reaches the remarkable goal of 2000 implants.

Together with this, an independent multicentric randomized study has been running since January 2014 and early clinical reported results look great.

We proudly announce this as an amazing achievement that brings innovation to the current state of the art in RCR.

Sharc-FT and its peek evolution Elite-SPK represent, together with the tunneler device Taylor Stitcher a complete set of reliable and effective solutions for the rotator cuff repair.

This approach brings the classical transosseous technique to a superior level, evolving what already recognized as best in class repair to a new gold standard.

The set of proposed solutions span from arthroscopic/ mini open pure transosseous repair with Taylor Stitcher (without hardware) to a tunnel augmented technique that provides a suture platform (Sharc-ft, Elite-spk) able to load as many sutures as needed to fix the cuff following the pillars of an optimal repair (high initial stiffness and strength of the repair, high gap formation resistance in dynamic loading conditions, high sliding stability in intra-extra rotation in the immediate post op, maximization of the footprint original coverage and optimization of the contact pressure at the interface tendon-bone ).

Live surgeries winter session.

Reserve the live surgery sessione in your favourite location!  

A5 LiveSurg WinterSession2

Contacts and info 



The principal aim of this new service is to provide medical companies a new reference, able to completely understand their needs and able to provide an exhaustive answer, advising solutions to be readily implemented and immediately usable.

On the basis of more than 18 years of experience in failure analysis and more than 12 years in medical devices and instruments design, NCS lab decided to create a pool of experts dedicated to the failure analysis in medical devices. 



The know how acquired over time within NCS lab provides a multidisciplinary approach, joining competences in design and simulation of medical devices with a consolidated experience and knowledge in materials and processes, without neglecting the consistent clinical experience gathered over time.

FEM su placca omerale_img1 FEM su placca omerale_img2

FEM su placca omerale_img3

We ask the reasons beyond this initiative to the technical director of NCS lab, Matteo Mantovani: “I strongly believe this unique pool of expertise can bring the service to a new level, offering a valuable partner to medical companies so far unavailable. After many years of experience in this field, we want to share our know how through this dedicated tool, able to provide the exhaustive answers our customers are longing for. A concentration of expertise, competence and specific know how will permit an interaction at various levels with our customers, translating the service in a plus able to create a new value”.

Ask for consulting




NCS Lab Medical Devices Factory will be present at the upcoming event SECEC in Milan from Sept. the 16th to the 19th.

See you at MiCO, boot n.55-58, where you will be able to attend many events and seminars, and benefit of promotions for specialists, operators and physiotherapists.

17th of September

A5 Secec MeetCastagna revStefano2A5 Secec

18th of September

A5 Secec MeetGervasi rev22A5 Secec MeetGervasi rev2

19th of September

A5 Secec Promo Fisio

We invite you to visit us and enjoy the official presentation of the biomechanical evaluation system of movement: "Show Motion" where you can have a free movement test, play free games and see live demonstrations of real cases of use.