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This new version of Taylor Stitcher is based on the winning technology developed by NCS Lab, in the previous releases of this device dedicated to transosseous RCR. 

Today the effectiveness of Taylor Stitcher has increased even more as we have implemented a different, smaller targeting frame for superior handling and precision.

The revolutionary targeting frame permits an easy orientation in the shoulder together with a proper identification of the lateral entry spot without measuring it in advance. 

Click and drag the image below to move the Taylor Stitcher, scroll for zoom in and out.

The STN, a nitinol needle, 1,9 mm in diameter, is activated and in one single step, we can create the curved transosseous tunnel and pass the suture/shuttle. The rounded smooth shape of the tunnel avoids sharp corner formation and reduces the main sources of gap formation.

Moreover the movable targeting frame permits an easy insertion and provides the possibility of reaching each point of the foot-print area to create your optimal fixation. 

The bone bridge provided is 18-20 mm, and multiple configurations are possible: multiple parallel tunnels, multiple exits spanning from the same lateral entry hole. 

Reduced dimensions and improved manageability are key features of these device. 

The following animation shows how to perform the assembly and disassembly of Taylor Stitcher.

These operations are necessary to replace the disposable STN needle before the surgery and to perform the cleaning and sterilization procedures.

Component of Taylor Stitcher®, non sterile and disposable. 
Thanks to its multiradius shape, led by the position limiter, Taylor Stitcher® performs transosseous tunnels with a 2mm entrance hole and an outlet hole in the footprint area.


CODE: P005_AS034_10

Taylor Stitcher® is a surgical instrumentation device for the accomplishment of transosseous tunnels, leading the surgeon in rotator cuff repairs.

Click and drag the image to move the Taylor Stitcher.

The device was developed both for arthroscopic and open surgery with the purpose to simplify and accelerate the operative procedures avoiding errors or damages to soft tissues.

The transosseous tunnel is made through the handle screwing that controls the advancement of STN Superelastic Transosseus Needle®. Thanks to its multiradius shape, led by the position limiter, Taylor Stitcher® performs transosseous tunnels with a 2mm entrance hole and an outlet hole in the footprint area.
Other features that characterize this device are: an easy suture get back without any other tools and no impingement problems with the acromion.

CODE: P005_AS034